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All Things Bright and Beautiful

C                     F           G                    C
All things bright and beautiful,  All things great and small
AM                  DM              G                C
All things wise and wonderful,  Our Father made them all.
C                F      	G                   C
Cold wind in the winter time,   The pleasent summer sun
AM                 DM           G                 C
Ripe fruits in the garden,      He made them everyone.
C                       F       G                     C
Each little flower that opens,  Each little bird that sings
AM	               DM	G                  C
He made thier glowing colors,   He made thier tiny wings.
C                          F     G                      C
And He gave us eyes to see them, and lips that we might tell
AM                   DM	        G                    C
How great is God the Father,    Who doeth all things well.